Art in the Orchard

Art In the Orchard, open all day from August 15 – October 31, 2015, is a walking sculpture trail which winds through Park Hill Orchards in Easthampton, Massachusetts. This third biennial exhibition features the work of 28 selected sculptors. The self-guided trail is about a half-mile long. A walk through the labyrinth adds about a quarter mile.

Northampton Community Gardens

What a beautiful way to spend part of a summer day! I visited Northampton Community Gardens off Prince Street and wandered through garden after garden. With these photos I’d like to share that peaceful experience. Please join me for a virtual garden stroll. Click on the first photo then scroll through the collection of image and verse.


Sidewalk Sales found my camera and I taking a walk through downtown Northampton MA this week.
Note: Careful analysis has made it apparent that individual photos receive more views than galleries. Therefore I will be posting individual images more frequently. Asking people to click through multiple images in a gallery can be somewhat tedious. I will post galleries on occasion when I have a photo essay to share. Thank you all.


Took my camera to Tuesday Market in Northampton, MA, this week. It turned out to be a good day for umbrella shots. This has to be one of the best farmers’ markets in the area . . . 1:30 t0 6:30 every Tuesday.


Our son, Ryan, and his fiancée, Alanna, spent the month of June with us. We drove them to Boston on the 30th as they headed back to California. As usual, I kept my camera with me all month.


This week found me traveling from the streets of Northampton to Storrowton Village to a horse show at the Big E Fairgrounds.


Happy Fathers’ Day . . . For this week’s gallery I added a couple of newer images to some from my archives to create a Fathers’ Day theme.


I’ll shoot just about anything from close-ups to landscapes to pets and people, but right now I’m really drawn to street photography. British photographer Stephen McLaren defines street photography as “essentially a way of working wherein you have to be utterly open to what happens on the street. So, no props, no models, no setting up of shots, and you always use available light. Then, it’s down to a mixture of happenstance, luck and skill.”
Some street photographers eschew any post-processing. I embrace it as a way to create an artistic rendering of everyday Life.


This week began with 2 days of steady rain. Then Ryan, Alanna and Sammy flew in from Cali giving me a brief window to shoot the Boston waterfront at the blue hour before picking them up at Logan. It didn’t take long for Ry, Sammy and I to head out on the rail trail with our cameras, ending up in the PVRR rail yard. They’ll be with us for the month of June, so I’m looking forward to more photo excursions.