A rainy day has a mood all its own. The colors are more saturated. There’s a peaceful quietness behind the rhythmic sound of the raindrops. I especially love the charming contrast of warm interior lighting reflected in cold wet pavement. Monday dawned with a cold November rain, so I put my camera in a rain sleeve and headed for downtown Northampton to try and catch the mood.


I took my camera to Westfield’s Veterans’ Day Parade and Ceremony on Tuesday. Then I visited Stanley Park on a foggy morning. Later in the week I returned to Downtown Northampton.


November has arrived . . . that time between fall foliage and first snow. It can be a photographic challenge, but it’s a cozy time. This week’s photos are from Northampton,MA , Stanley Park and the Columbia Greenway Rail Trail, both in Westfield, MA.


The last week of October began brightly here in Southern New England, but turned damp and moody as Halloween and November approached.


It’s been a beautiful October here in southern New England, but it looks like we’re moving past peak foliage. This week’s gallery is from my ramblings last week.


Lynne & I took a 4 day weekend at the Cape last week. What spectacular weather! We spent Sunday on Martha’s Vineyard and took advantage of the warm temps and no crowds to explore the Gingerbread Cottages of the Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association. There are 314 of them, and it’s like walking into a fairy tale story.