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When I began this Project 365 I wasn’t sure how far I’d get. I thought, perhaps, the novelty would wear off after a month or two. Well . . . that never happened. There’s so much to learn about photography it never gets old. Looking back at the beginning I can see so much progress. I’ve gotten to know my camera much better, but I think the biggest growth area for me has been post-processing. I love HDR photography with Photomatix Pro, which I never used before. I’m much more comfortable using Lightroom, but realize that I’ve only begun to tap into its vast potential. I just began playing around with Smart Photo Editor to add artistic effects.
I’ve traveled a lot of back roads in Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut. I’ve enjoyed street photography in Northampton and Hartford, captured landscapes along the Mohawk Trail and in the Berkshires, and taken dozens of photos in Stanley Park, Storrowton and Sturbridge Villages. There’s so much beauty around us every day as long as we open our eyes to it. Photography is a wonderful way to share it.
I’m not ready to stop, but a photo a day is demanding. Sometimes I have to settle for a picture I’m not really happy with. So . . . I think I’m going to try a Project 52 for the next year. A photo a week will keep me actively shooting without the pressure of a photo every day. It will also give me more time to really work an image before posting. I invite you to follow along if you’d like. You can also view more of my photography at http://www.facebook.com/RichardCowlesPhotography . As usual feel free to share any of my photos with family and friends. Thanks for looking and stay tuned.



Unlike some of its neighboring states which have a great many surviving Covered Bridges, Massachusetts only has 6.
The original Sheffield Bridge was built in 1854. It was destroyed by arson in August 1994 and was replaced in an historically authentic manner in 1998. This 93 foot span crosses the Housatonic River in the town of Sheffield, Massachusetts.