My Hometown

Being a photographer, I have sometimes envied others who lived near the seashore or in the mountains. “How lucky are they?” I thought, “to be surrounded by such beauty every day.” Over the years I’ve come to realize that I don’t have to travel far and wide to find beauty. It’s right outside my door.
I grew up in Southwick. I played here. I went to school here. I worked here. I fell in love with and married a Southwick girl. Our wedding was in the white church in the center of town. We moved away. Then we came back to raise our kids in Southwick . . . our hometown. I wrote a blog piece about it a couple of years ago.
A lot has changed over the years, but there is much that has remained the same. I could probably move to the seashore or the mountains and be very happy . . . but I would dearly miss my hometown, Southwick, Massachusetts.

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