12 Photographs

It was the great American landscape photographer Ansel Adams who said, “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” I selected one photo from each month of 2015. I’m not sure how significant they are, but, for me, it’s a pretty good crop.

8 thoughts on “12 Photographs

    • Thanks, Cher . . . picking one from each month was harder than I thought it would be. October was most difficult because of the spectacular foliage season we had. Now if we can just get some snow . . .

  1. Hi Richard,
    I love your work…just haven’t been able to take the time to order the Northampton pictures, measuring walls, deciding where I will place them…planning for a trip now, hope to get back to it in April.
    Thank you for your friendliness to me.
    Karyn Jacobs (Florida)

    • Thanks so much, Karyn. Your expression of appreciation means a lot. Setting up your new home must be demanding . . .
      exciting, but demanding, nonetheless. Take your time and develop a feel for your new space. Perhaps we can meet
      for a cup of tea in the spring. In the meantime, I love your likes and comments on my photos.

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