I’ll shoot just about anything from close-ups to landscapes to pets and people, but right now I’m really drawn to street photography. British photographer Stephen McLaren defines street photography as “essentially a way of working wherein you have to be utterly open to what happens on the street. So, no props, no models, no setting up of shots, and you always use available light. Then, it’s down to a mixture of happenstance, luck and skill.”
Some street photographers eschew any post-processing. I embrace it as a way to create an artistic rendering of everyday Life.


This week began with 2 days of steady rain. Then Ryan, Alanna and Sammy flew in from Cali giving me a brief window to shoot the Boston waterfront at the blue hour before picking them up at Logan. It didn’t take long for Ry, Sammy and I to head out on the rail trail with our cameras, ending up in the PVRR rail yard. They’ll be with us for the month of June, so I’m looking forward to more photo excursions.


As May draws to a close I’d like to thank everyone for viewing my photos . . . especially those of you who take the time to like and comment. You keep me going. The real joy in photography is in the sharing.


In this week’s gallery I’m sharing highlights from my Arts Night Out show at Thornes Marketplace. It includes some great photography by my wife, Lynne.


Spring finally seemed to arrive during the last week of April. Two wonderful indicators were Opening Day at Northampton’s Tuesday Market and Prayer for Liminality presentation and conversation with Artist Neal S. Parks and Poet Em Jollie at A.P.E. Gallery.


Working on two big projects and rainy weather kept me indoors most of this week. Lynne and I did go to Arts Night Out in Northampton Friday night. I’ll be showing there at Thornes Marketplace on May 8th. Stop by and say hello if you’re in the area.